tasya bhumisu viniyogah

  ‘the special application of yoga – applied stage by stage’

Patanjali’s yoga sutras, 3.6


Using modifications appropriate to the individual student, we can adapt the various methods of practice for the student, according to their ‘starting place’

Students opt for individual tuition and their own home practice for many reasons; for example, it may be that they are unable to get to a regular group class or they may be a regular group class attendee but have decided to start a personal practice at home as well and need their own personal practice plan.  It may be that there is a health consideration which would make individual tuition, in the form of yoga therapy, more appropriate.

How it works:

Initial consultation/practice with a student –  an hour and a quarter.  This allows the opportunity to take a history and assess movement/limitations etc and establish what the student hopes to achieve from their practice.

I design (and work through with the student) an individual practice plan – the length being determined by how long the student feels they can allocate to their practice e.g. 20 minutes/half an hour etc, on a daily basis or several times a week – for the practice to be effective.
I then go through this practice sheet with the student ensuring that they feel confident to practice at home on their own.
Review (an hour) is usually after a month initially…. but the interval can vary subsequently, depending on the individual student’s need and their availability.  The important thing is for the student to establish a practice routine which works for them. Some students prefer to meet more frequently, particularly if they do not also attend group classes. Of course, they can contact me in between times with any questions etc.
The fee is £40 per session – both for the initial, hour and a quartersession and also for the subsequent sessions which are for an hour.  I offer a package option: book and pay for 5 sessions: £175 (saving £5 per session).  This is a good way of making a commitment to yourself and your home practice programme.
Central Lewes.
I use a practice room at the Open Door Clinic, Church Twitten, Lewes BN7 2LU  (formerly Thebes Gallery, behind Lewes House off School Hill).  Please book through me, not the clinic.
Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to  arrange individual tuition.  I am a registered member of the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)