Embodying the Yoga Sutra: Support, Direction, Space’ by Ranju Roy and David Charlton, Published by Pinter and Martin, UK

From the back cover:

‘With suggestions and advice for practice, Embodying the Yoga Sutra is both a practical as well as a deeply philosophical book. The authors explore ancient ideas with precision and clarity to present yoga as a living, vibrant and dynamic tradition for modern times.’

‘YOGA for Healthy Lower Backs’ by Alison Trewhela (Iyengar Assoc UK) and Anna Semlyen (British Wheel of Yoga) Published by Lotus Publishing, Chichester UK

From the back cover:

‘This programme was produced for and used in a trial to evaluate the effectiveness of yoga for chronic low back pain which was conducted by the York Trials Unite, Dept of Health Sciences, University of York and funded by Arthritis Research UK. This gives a self-help, lifelong toolit to improve your back’s health. Proven by research overseen by back pain experts and written by experienced yoga teachers, this book’s yoga is gentle, simple and effective. Beginners, experienced students and yoga teachers will find this book invaluable. ‘

I offer some of the practices outlined in this book in my group class and yoga therapy one-to-one teaching, having taken courses with both Alison and Anna.